Implement Landscape Architecture Student Association Campus Planning Program Green Travel in UNPAB

Himal (Landscape Architecture Student Association) Setup program resume execution at the Campus Green Tourism Pembangunan Panca Budi University "LAND MARK UNPAB".

Continued after the action on the Park Arrangement Makhtab Building breezeway UNPAB Himal now re-designing the Vocal Point UNPAB where design is intended to be a primary place that can be remembered and known at the University of Panca Budi Development.

By bringing together the pattern of vertical gardens and a monument in the name of the balanced design. Assisted and supported from all parties including SJM UNPAB Foundation, Himal become more active and pro in the embodiment of campus green tourist city of Medan.

All Members Himal cooperation

On Friday, October 4, 2013 in order to create a green campus and the campus as a tourist city of Medan, Himal and SJM Agency in cooperation UNPAB organize and manage the Open Space campus more efficient and more useful for generating estetic all circles. Some spots have started to actively carried on by the realization towards kakmpus green, made possible through the strong support of the Foundation.

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