Komapal UNPAB And Joint Command Post Student Volunteer Opening UNPAB Flood Deli Serdang and Langkat.

Flooding that occurred in the district. Deli Serdang and Kab. Langkat, last Monday, October 7, 2013, making a team-UNPAB KOMAPAL and Joint SMEs UNPAB immediately take action to open Command Post VOLUNTEER FLOOD. Around 20:00 pm Tim KOMAPAL-UNPAB began surveying locations in the Lower Tandem II (Deli Serdang) rather there 4 Floods submerged village, then in daereh Kab. Dozens of villages Langkat also not spared from flooding. Rain continues to fall in the way does not break the spirit of team-UNPAB KOMAPAL. Around 21:00 pm KOMAPAL team-UNPAB AND Joint SME UNPAB arrived at the location directly to make a tent post.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013, a team-UNPAB KOMAPAL Dividing Direct - for groceries right to masyarat Flood Victims in accordance with the needs of victims. Looking at the water receded KOMAPAL-UNPAB team directly for other flood affected areas. At 11.00 hrs around team-UNPAB KOMAPAL directly to the district. Langkat precisely Kwala village hamlet Suko Beno Honey Shop-UNPAB KOMAPAL team. In the area of water ketinggi nearly 2 meters, simply divide - for groceries at the right location KOMAPAL Tim Beno Suko-UNPAB directly to other locations. Precisely Gemi Beach Village District. Stabat Kab. Langkat Tim KOMAPAL-UNPAB open post Flooding in the Village Volunteers Gemi Beach for 4 days KOMAPAL Team - Volunteers UNPAB opening post. Various activities undertaken Team As Divide - share groceries, Evacuate goods - goods the citizens and residents to Make Soup Kitchens.

Indra as chairman KOMAPAL-UNPAB said the government should pay less attention to the government should give more attention again, KOMAPAL also experiencing a shortage of tools to help the victims, but we will not despair.

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